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Monday, February 13, 2012

Oboe and the Grammys

Eau Claire's own Bon Iver has won two Grammy awards and the town and university are all a buzz.  I'm so happy for Justin Vernon and Sean Carey,  two UWEC grads who have worked so hard to develop and maintain an artistic vision. It's great to see that the "industry" has recognized their artistry too. However,  keep in mind that these folks were talented BEFORE the awards were given.  I knew Sean throughout his time at UWEC and even taught him several courses in music theory. He didn't suddenly become talented.  It was/is a continued process of hard work, creative thinking, curiosity, and good decisions.  In his time here I'd definitely describe him as outstanding.  That's  makes the award recognition even more meaningful for me-- it's so great to see an outstanding person be recognized for outstanding work.

Students,  this should be a great opportunity to reflect on your goals and what you are doing daily to achieve them. You may or may not have a goal to win a Grammy,  but you CAN dedicate yourself to achieve excellence in your endeavors.

 Keep up the outstanding work; you never know where it might lead you.

Oboe and out,


ps--Bon Iver:  don't you think you need some heartfelt, soulful oboe tracks for your next project???  I'll be ready for the phone call and an enthusiastic collaborator...  :)